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Massey-Martin PA Program Consultants

M&M consulting is a team of seasoned professional PA educators with more than
30 years of accreditation experience and PA program development experience. We provide diverse services designed to meet your unique needs. 

Consulting sevices

1.  Colleges and universities considering or in the process of developing a PA program;
2.  Programs preparing for accreditation;
3.  Programs needing assistance with curriculum or assessment enhancements.
4.  Faculty development and retreat facilitation
5.  Provide assistance with improvement of PANCE results 

Professional Services for Developing PA Programs

Colleges and universities often consider hiring a consultant to help navigate the complicated processes that lead to a successful accreditation and the launch of a PA program.

M&M professional services team has more than 30 years experience in program development, accreditation, and administration. Our goal is to help you determine if developing a PA program is the right choice and to help design the highest-quality program possible.

Professional Services for Accredited PA Programs

Continual improvement of a PA program is challenging. Sometimes it's useful to work with an objective third party to help take your program to the next level, improving quality while reducing costs.

Why use M& M?

Our professional services are customized to meet your needs, and may

1. Helping to explore the feasibility of developing a PA program.
2. Reviewing accreditation and related documentation required to launch a PA program.
3. Recommending best practices for PA education (e.g., administration, policies, procedures, curriculum, and assessment)
4. Visiting the college/university to support decision-making and accreditation preparation for PA education, including the development of detailed project timelines

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