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Give your students the ultimate second year learning experience with one of our experts.  Residence style rotations teach students how to become the strongest independent clinicians while preparing them fro their EOR exams as well as their PANCE.  See what some of our many students have to say below!



Our Internal and Family Medicine core rotations are available in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida.  We aim to bring the deepest understanding of medicine in a residency type environment.  Students can rotate through the office, inpatient and acute rehab settings. Emphasis is placed on the student gaining a total patient experience. Our goal is to allow them the time needed to fully assess the patient as well as review all data, results and medications.  Students are allowed to practice as independently as possible so they gain the confidence and experience to grow.  In all settings a Grand round approach is used after the student’s initial evaluation and all documentation is reviewed with one of our practitioners. Documentation review includes evaluation of quality as well as teaching in the medical topics which present.

Other specialties are available upon request.


Internal or Family: $1000 per student per rotation

Specialty: $1250 per student per rotation



“Jim was welcoming and an inviting preceptor from the start. You can tell he really wants his students to succeed, as he takes his own personal time out of his schedule to meet with them to read over each patient’s chart note. He expects a degree of independence out of his students in seeing each patient, collecting a history, performing a physical, and formulating a treatment plan from day one. This really helped me personally begin the transition from “student” to “provider”, as I was never given this expectation on a clinical rotation before. Throughout this process, I developed a love for internal medicine, and is ultimately one of the reasons I ended up in primary care today.”
- Victoria Crittenden, PA-C

Doing my Internal Medicine rotation with Jim was a wonderfully educational and pleasant experience. He gave us the leeway to perform histories, physical exams, practice proper documentation, and act as independent health care providers, which was invaluable in my learning process. The day following our contact with patients, he would go through all of the information that we collected and help us fix any mistakes along with showing us the best way to go about caring for patients in each individual situation, allowing us to learn from our mistakes and grow as providers. Jim has also always been extremely helpful with answering every question (academic or job questions alike) anyone brings to him and is very dedicated to his students, giving much of him time to help in any way possible. I would highly recommend this rotation for any PA student because it helps hone the skills that are needed in real-life practice. This was one of my favorite rotations and I learned so much while having a great time!

-Toby Margolin, PA-S

My Internal Medicine rotation with Jim Hancock was as perfect as a rotation can be. As a student, I was forced to step up to the plate to independently assess patients and plan their care, while always having him as a safety net to either affirm my plan or explain other treatment options. It exposed me to a patient population with a diverse and often complicated set of medical issues, of which Jim Hancock would take the time to teach me about. It really was one of the best learning opportunities I have had during PA school.

-Sydney Grey PA-S

Internal medicine end-of-rotation exam is one of the hardest exams at the nova PA program. With Professor.Hancock’s help, not only am I passing but I scored way above my passing score. Jim has been such a great teacher and he made learning fun and easy. In addition, Jim has helped me to mature as a practitioner as he continued encouraging the students to think independently and practice as a real PA throughout the rotation. 

-Danni Yang PA-S

"My time on this clinical rotation was exciting, challenging and rewarding. I had the opportunity to start applying what I learned in the classroom to real patient scenarios. By the end of my rotation, I felt more confident in both my patient interaction skills and medical decision-making skills. This experience definitely gives students a taste of what it will feel like to be a practicing PA. I felt supported and my questions and ideas were always welcomed. Would highly recommend!"

-Bridget Sernkerik PA-S

An Internal Medicine rotation with Jim Hancock is extremely helpful for a career in medicine.  This rotation is unique and very different from any other rotation you will go on as a student.  On this rotation, you are given the opportunity to function as a practicing PA.  You will be exposed to medically complex patients and learn how to work closely with all members of the healthcare team.  If you are a student you loves to learn, then this is the rotation for you.  Jim is an excellent preceptor who loves to teach and help his students understand disease processes and treatment plans.  He goes above and beyond for his students.  I would highly recommend this rotation!"   

-Katie Leigh

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