PA educator pance review testimonials

 “After exploring  several different options, the university selected the HELP PANCE Review.  We  believe that it was this review course that gave our students who used the  review the edge to successfully pass the PANCE.”

Helen Martin PA-C,  PhD

 "As the curriculum coordinator for a PA program, I am constantly looking for services, products, and, educational tools to help our students become successful PAs.  We have recently used HELP to present a PANCE review course for our graduating students.  The lectures were concise and accurate, and the presenters professional and engaging, and I have heard nothing but good feedback from the students who took the class.  Our students are also using the online the services provided by HELP during clinical rotations to prepare for end-of-rotation exams, as well as PANCE.  I know all of this is paying off...we had our first ever
100% PANCE pass rate our first year using this program!"
T. Sean Diesel, DOM, PA-C

 “I am currently utilizing the Online Hancock Help PANCE/PANRE review course to prepare for my PANRE exam.  I
  find myself looking forward to the task of studying and it is giving me confidence for passing the PANRE exam. I have suggested this review course to my  students and colleagues.”
Kay Case, MPAS, PA-C 

  I found the information to be both comprehensive and highly organized in a way that was simple to study from. I not only feel it was the essential guide for my passing PANCE, but  the course has also helped me ramp up my clinical knowledge base in away that  I now feel much more confident to re-enter clinical practice. Thank you for developing this excellent tool!
 Annette Sophin PA-C 


The course made me feel prepared for my exam The customer service was amazing!!! They responded to my emails in a timely manner and were always willing to help. A lot of pertinent information and review not only beneficial for exam success but also great overall information on daily practice as a PA. Great instructors, very helpful teaching format, and the course outline covered was geared exactly towards what I needed to know in order to pass my exam. Took my exam few days later and I passed with a 590. - Mark Roman

AWESOME PANRE and clinical work preparation. Scored 78 points higher than previous passing exam. Although the PANRE had some wicked detailed portions, the HELP Campus program more than prepared me to tackle it. It also gave me new insight on simplifying some of my clinical algorithms. Many many thanks. Will be recommending HELP to all my colleagues and students that I precept. Walter Wilkins 

Thank You folks sOOOOOO VERRRRRY Much. Yes, I too passed my Boards thanks to your program!!!! I'm so very grateful. I really appreciate the interactive and variety of presentations with your formats. If I got bored with one way to study, I was able to switch it up, and approach it from a different direction.  Ann Bruner-Welch

Thank you all who are continually working on this program. Love your simplicity and to the point approach. Your program is great, good for those who just need to refresh their memory. It was great for me because I am very specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and somewhat far from the core of medicine. It was instructive, you had a lot of tests to practice, covered every field of blueprint.  This November I took my 4th boards, passed them and could not be happier. Thank you for your smart work.      

  Inessa Shlifer

"Your online prep-program is the reason I passed the PANCE on my first attempt.  The PANCE is a BRUTAL exam; be prepared for many questions/topics that were NOT COVERED in your PA program.  As a paramedic for 16 years and a recent graduate of a well-known PA program, I can tell you I was woefully UNPREPARED for this exam when I graduated (and I was a middle to high B student in my PA program).  The HELP PA online prep-program is what got me through it.  The recorded lectures within this online prep class were amazing.  They tell you exactly what to expect and give you the real-deal about the things you need to know.  There's no "nice to know" fluff in this (as there is in school) is all PANCE orientated and specific to helping you pass on your first attempt.  Had I not taken the online version from HELP PA the week before my PANCE, I would be taking the exam again in three months.  This program is easily worth the money.  You're taking a huge gamble without it."    Pete Baker

I have been a certified PA for over 12 years. Prior to purchasing this course, I spent over $1000 on several popular PANRE preparation on-line courses and books and practice exams. Despite all the money and time spent on the other courses, I was unable to pass the PANRE (nor PANCE...tried taking that again too with no success) until I used this HELP online course. My score improved over 100 points, and it is directly attributable to this course. There is no other course nor reference material out there that I would recommend higher than this one. Thanks so much for helping me to pass. 

Edwin Komm

"I had to take my exam and chose to use the UMDNJ online course, but wasn't getting as much out of it as I had hoped.  I

made a conscious effort to use both study courses (HELP and UMDNJ). After I finished a section, I kept coming back to the HELP campus material as a final review of the section. While comparing the two courses, HELP was far and above the better of the two. I did pass the PANCE this next time with the highest score I have ever received on this exam.  I continue to tell colleagues the HELP course is the best there is out there. I show them your slides and supplements then explain these are the presentations of the future. I whole heartedly attribute my regaining my NCCPA certification to your CME course and continue to promote it so others succeed as well. I can't thank you enough.      Isaac Parr

"H.E.L.P is by far the best PANCE prep there is.  The level of professionalism and the experts used to deliver a quality review are the contributing factors towards making this program such a huge success.  I have tried other well known, "brand name" board prep but it's not even remotely comparable to what H.E.L.P has to offer. H.E.L.P laid the foundation to improving my test taking skills, reduced my anxiety, and boosted my confidence.  Simply put, it's one of the most rewarding career investments you will ever make.  Absolutely Amazing!"   

Tadecher Ellis 

I would like to thank for the excellent study program for the PANCE/PANRE Review Program.   Hancock Educational Learning Program for PANCE/PANRE Review is the only review the I did.   I am an Army Physician Assistant and therefore have limited time to study and review for the PANRE.  In addition with budget cuts, there was no funds allocated for travel to  review programs for the PANRE.  Therefore your program fit like a glove  for my study needs.  Especially the availability to study 24 hours a  day/7 days a week.  It is easily accessed by your laptop or home computer.   I just passed my exam on the  first time.   This is my third time taking the PANCE/PANRE and it was by far the most enjoyable, easiest way to learn and comprehensive PANRE Review that I have been involved  with.  I wanted to be sure to let you know that I genuinely appreciated having HELP as my primary resource for PANCE review. I am a PA returning to clinical practice after a long hiatus and had particular concerns about getting properly updated.

 Dennis Doerksen

I am writing to say THANK YOU!!! 

I received word today of my successful results on my exam.  I have no doubt that your course material

made a significant difference in my score.  Not only did I pass the exam easily, but I was also able to improve my score by almost ONE HUNDRED POINTS compared to my previous PANRE exam.  I had examined several other alternatives available online before discovering your course, but your course material provided the "just right" approach to reacquainting myself with the "PANCE/PANRE Blue Print" material. Thanks again for all your efforts.  I would, and will, recommend this course to anyone

preparing for the PANRE/PANCE.                              Karl M. Schweinberg

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me to succeed on my PANCE! I came to the Orlando live course in August and it was such a benefit to have you all go through the course and point out topics to really focus on. Then I went through the online course on my own which I spent many hours on over the past month studying for my exam. I appreciate such a comprehensive yet concise review to make sure I had the basics down to be able to pass the PANCE the first time! I love your style of chart questions, cram cards, and practice tests by topic, they were all so helpful. I have recommended you to the classmates below me at

NSU-Ft. Myers, and will continue to recommend your course to any other colleagues in my new career as a PA-C!

Sarah Lamby

The course made me feel prepared for the PANCE. The customer service was amazing!!! They responded to my emails in a timely manner and were always willing to help. I took the August 3-day class in Orlando. A lot of pertinent information and review not only beneficial for PANCE/PANRE test success but also great overall information on daily practice as a PA. Great instructors, very helpful teaching format, comfortable classroom at NOVA, and the course outline covered was geared exactly towards what I needed to know in order to pass the exam. I now work in a busy ER in Atlanta and this course made me much more confident and prepared in performing my daily duties as a health care

provider in the busy ER setting. Took the exam a few days after HELP and I passed with a 590.

Mark Roman

I wanted to write a few words about this extraordinary review course that assisted me in preparing for my

PANRE exam. It was such an unbelievable help for someone who works 12 hours a day Monday thru Friday.  I have been a Surgical PA since my last certification exam.  Being specialized doesn't help taking this exam.  This course provided the most beneficial study course to help me be better equipped.  The individuals involved with this preparatory course are totally committed with assisting    

you to  acquire the information to pass. They stick with you and motivate you to participate with the courses beneficial data.  I am extremely grateful and encourage everyone to use this review

course.  This was a great way to review at your convenience.  Thank you so much for being there for me.  PAs who are preparing for their test whether it is the PANCE or PANRE should utilize this terrific tool

for review.

JoAnne Mora

Everyone has a different learning style and studying for the PANCE/PANRE and it is difficult because there is so much that you need to be exposed to if you want to do well and pass the boards. Your program gave constant reminder and short reviews so that the information was ingrained. The Mock PANCE/PANRE section was especially helpful because the questions were written in the style that I was exposed to when taking the test. The helpful part was the explanations after the question which also became a learning tool. So again, thanks for lesson!

Kurtis A. Manley

I wanted to write a few comments about how extraordinary I think both your review course and the web site are, and how amazing all your staff are as well. I have taken a couple of review courses in preparation for my PANCE exam, and HELP's review course is leaps and bounds ahead of all and any of the other review course available, the material is detailed and so focused, there is information presented that I was not even taught in my PA program, and this information is organized, easy to understand, and imperative to passing the PANCE exam. I am so utterly impressed with each and every one of the presenters, they too are exceptional and their knowledge impressive. If I were to give advise to any PA student preparing for their clinical year or preparing for their PANCE/PANRE exam, I would unquestionably recommend HELP's review course and their web site. I and many of my fellow recent graduates, felt that this was the key to their success, and to passing the PANCE exam, there has been no other year in the history of our P.A. program that so many of the recent graduates passed on their first attempt at the exam, and we all collectively feel that it is all due to this extraordinary review course. I want to thank you and all of your staff for going the extra mile and for caring as much as they do

about the success of every single person that takes this course, it is genuine and sincere, never have I felt so supported in my endeavors and I am very grateful to all of you for that. Thank you for all you, and all you continue to do.

Razelle C. Cogen

"Well, have now passed the PANCE, and definitely feel that the review course was time and money well-spent.  Honestly, I felt that the greatest aspect of the review course as a whole was simply the ability to hear of so many conditions one more time... the vast majority of it was information which I know that I have learned in the past, but simply hearing the names of certain diseases/treatments shortly before taking the exam was of great value in prodding my memory. And hey, that's the point of review, right? :)  As a whole, I think that this extremely affordable review provided me with an added measure of confidence prior to taking my board exam, and I would absolutely recommend it to friends as an effective study tool when prepping for the PANCE.  Thanks so much for making it available to me!"  

Seth Holman

I am writing to your group and letting you know that I finally passed my exam, I had failed it twice with the products that I had brought  before in preparing for my boards. I found your service online and ordered it and with the help of your lectures and practical tests, I just passed my boards at the beginning of December.I want to thank your company and will recommend it to all my fellow PAs. I listened to the lectures and took notes, I did all the practical tests and study areas that I could, this obviously helped me to pass the exam . Thanks again 


I attended "PANCE PANRE Live PA Exam Board Review" course  that was being held on board Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas  and I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your great dedicated job. I truly enjoyed this course, learned a lot from your beautiful, informative, well organized lectures and slides. I believe that HELP PANCE  PANRE course is one of the best PA Board review courses, so I extended access to your website for a month and think to continue for even more. Please continue you great job!  Lala Briskman

This PANCE PANRE prep course really covered the blueprint thoroughly. I absolutely loved the synopsis charts and the pop-up windows on the side of the slides. They were chocked full of great information. Thank you!                    

Elayne Cohen

Hey guys, thanks for this program.  I killed it on the test!  I ended up with a great score.  Used your program daily to prepare.              Definitely the right path to take.   Dean Muscarella

I took this course and passed my PANCE in first attempt. The course is very well designed with excellent presentations, synopsis and illustrations. Last but not least - lots of Mock PANCE questions did help alot .  

Tanveer Khan, PA-C

I studied very intensely for 2 months before taking the Panre. This was a great review. Not only did I learn for the exam, but I refreshed on many subjects that weren't on the exam. I am a better PA since I took the course. It is well done. 

Jill Schertz 

The HELP PANCE PANRE review was extremely helpful and was a great review for my Physician Assistant National Certification Exam.  I would take this course again for my PANRE and would recommend it to all PA students or Physician Assistants in practice.  

McKenzie J

The HELP PANCE PANRE prep course was exceptional.  I would recommend it to anyone and will attend again in the future. Raychel Raymer

Just follow the study pattern, and it's impossible to fail!!!  

Albert DiLoreto

This course is awesome! you made daunting topics so easy to understand.

HELP was a great resource. Easy to use, access and the videos were awesome! Laura Johnson

The presenters are the most knowledgeable instructors  you can find, also very entertaining. 

Danzon Labrada 

Excellent live course! Straight to the point and provided great test taking strategies! The online review and practice questions are also helpful and thorough! Great preparation for a first time PANCE taker like myself! 

Jessica Botero

Excellent review! You guys left us awake and interested. I did not want to miss anything. Hope in the future I will be as good as you.  Thank you!  Karan Rajpal