Tutoring is via webinar.

You may have as many attendees you wish as long as you are all in one location.  

Want to guarantee attention? Book your time for yourself only.


 One on one evaluation for those who have failed their exam. 3 hours with one of our experts plus 1 month online access to full PANCE review materials. Find out why you failed and how to ensure success upon retake.  Inital 3 hour session plus 3 months online review $950. Extra time can be booked at the standard $150 an hour .

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

PANCE Remediation is via webinar

These sessions are one on one with specific attention to your needs.

   "The time we spend together in diagnosing my exam taking issue, I believe, was the key in my success. I took the exam twice before we met, and only marginally improved each time. The third exam, after we diagnosed my issue of "not reading every word" because I was crunched for time, I drastically improved by 107 points. I believe that was the key to my success. That diagnosis helped me to realize what I was missing, and how I was getting the questions wrong by plainly misreading. I think that issue, coupled with the tools from the PANCE prep website, definitely helped. Who would have known, that if someone took the time to understand my thought process during an exam, would have changed me forever. Thank you again!"


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