Tutoring Services


How our service works

Webinar based. Services are charged at $150 per hour. May be one on one, or you may have as many people in attendance for the webinar as long as they are in one location.

PANCE Tutoring

Spend your time with an expert on the PANCE subjects as well as how the test is written.  We can help your test taking skils or subject material.

PA School Tutoring

Let our expert educators clear up topics for you to prepare for your upcoming exams.

PANCE Remediation

One on one evaluation for those who have failed their exam. 3 hours with one of our experts plus 1 month online access to full PANCE review materials. Find out why you failed and how to ensure success upon retake.  Inital 3 hour session plus one month online review $950. Extra time can be booked at the standard $150 an hour

Open forum group study sessions

On certain set dates and times we offer large group open forum study groups. They may be topic based or PANCE based.  Attendees are able to join for small fees and participate.


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